Tidbits of Joy #1

Often I find myself reading and thinking and wanting to write about Serious Things. For instance, I just finished reading a book about rehabilitation of Los Angeles gang members. I’m currently reading Mrs. Dalloway for an online book discussion. (Virginia Woolf is just … so … depressing.). And a copy of Dave Cullen’s Columbine is waiting for me at the library. A bit heavy and dark, eh? So I plan to break things up with a series of mini posts called Tidbits of Joy about things that are making me smile at the moment. Maybe they’ll make you smile too.

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The Amazon Kindle App on my phone: I deeply regret replacing my iPhone with an Android. It was a bad decision that will haunt me until my next upgrade. But I’m slowly learning to live with my mistake with the help of great apps. Although the Kindle app is pretty standard on any smart phone or other device, I only recently started using it, so it’s new to me. I love having a book with me wherever I go. I read more, and I read faster. I nerd it up with the highlighting feature. I still prefer real books, but right now, e-books are perfect for me.

Podcasts: Podcasts have been around for years, but their popularity is picking up speed. I love to listen while I do stuff around the house, ride in the car, take a walk, etc. I use the Podcast Addict app on my phone to subscribe to and download a variety of shows. (iTunes and Stitcher are other popular ways to listen.) Podcasts can be educational, inspirational, or purely entertaining. Some of my favorites:

The Voice is back: I absolutely love this show. I am very far behind on this season, but I’ve DVRd all the episodes and am slowly working my way through the blind auditions. Unlike many of the American Idol contestants, most of The Voice contestants are talented artists. I love the banter among the judges, even though it’s all staged. I especially love when Adam Levine sings along while he’s trying to decide whether or not to turn his chair. It’s a happy show.

That’s all for now!

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