The Primary, Peanut Butter Bars, and Presidential Fiction

*I’m posting every day in February as part of my determination to #makefebfun. For more info, read this post.*

The Primary

Today was my first presidential primary as a New Hampshire voter. I did my civic duty and enjoyed watching the Granite State in the national news, but other than that, it was pretty tame – no candidate or celebrity sightings. The only dramatic moment was self-inflicted … I didn’t decide for sure who to vote for until I was in line for my ballot.


(Pssst … Check out my friend and former co-worker Sean’s blog post, an interview with yours truly about what it’s been like in New Hampshire as we geared up for today’s primary!)

Peanut Butter Bars

After taking the kids to the pollsIMG_20160209_094418923 first thing this morning, we were all a bit cranky, so I decided it was time to try this granola bar recipe from The Minimalist Baker. I made a couple of substitutions and adjustments:

  1. I chopped the dates by hand. My food processer is still packed away somewhere from our move from Virginia to New Hampshire a year and a half ago.
  2. I used quick cooking steel cut oats because that’s what I had available.
  3. I used regular, unnatural Skippy peanut butter because that’s what I buy.
  4. I used double, maybe triple the peanut butter called for in the recipe because the only other time I tried to make granola bars, they turned into a brittle mess.

The bars turned out so great! Really chewy, kind of like a healthyish brownie. Supposedly they freeze well too. I will definitely be making them again.


Presidential Fiction

I was thinking today that it’s strange that we are willing to suspend our disbelief and enjoy stories about fictional presidents. We know for sure that the person in the story (book, show, movie) is not the real thing. Maybe we’re wishing the character could actually step into office. (I’m thinking Jed Bartlet here.) Sometimes we’re thankful they’re can’t. (I’m thinking Frank Underwood here.) Either way, it’s a funny kind of character to create.


My favorite fiction book involving the First Family is a young adult book, Long Live the Queen by Ellen Emerson White. I read the book at least twice when I was in middle school. It’s a suspenseful story about the kidnapping of the President’s daughter.

Speaking of the President’s daughter, I’ve also been pondering the fact that Chelsea Clinton might be the First Daughter for the second time in her life. That’s looking a bit less likely after her mother’s performance today, but it could happen. And Bill … First Gentleman? Is that the official title? It’s a lot to think about.


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